landscape house

Janjaap Ruijssenaars

The week after graduating in Delft as an architect in 1999 Janjaap asked his father, renowned architect Hans Ruijssenaars, what binds all architects. After a minute of silence he answered ‘gravity’.

This led to a long process of researching the possibility of making an artifact of respectable size in which another power than gravity dictates the image.

The result is the Floating Bed (elected best invention by TIME Magazine in 2006) which is falling ‘up’ due to the use of magnetism. Back then Janjaap did not know all Universe Architecture (founded in 2000) projects to come would follow the same path of Question, Answer, Discovery. The discovery, at

best, is an ultra specific design that points to a truth. The Question in this project was ‘Can building be like landscape?’. It was asked to celebrate the

landscape rather than to add a more traditional design to nature. The Answer was that it is possible if there is no beginning or ending. The earth is round. Universe Architecture resolved the continuity by folding a strip of paper into a Mobius strip, a form with only one side. With all materials used to make a

model one had to make a cut and paste to make this form. With 3d printing one could make it endless and seamless.

From there they wondered if they could take 3D printing to the level of the actual building. With the concrete printer of the Italian Enrico Dini, up till now only used for art, they can print the complex shapes layer by layer.



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