3d geprinte kunst van Tom Freitag

Live kunst van Tom Freitag 3D printen

Tijdens de XYZ expo van Ground3d worden live kunstwerken van Tom Freitag 3D geprint op Ultimaker 3D printers!

Tom Freitag (1979, Germany) has been an active member of the “demoscene” since 1996. After graduating from the Bauhaus University in Weimar he has been working as a 3D-Artist in the field of Architecture/Interior Design-Visualization, Pure Rendering and later on also in the field of fluidsimulation, particles and dynamics, working for agencies like Sehsucht Germany, Celluloid VFX, Effekt-Etage.

Between his jobs he is doing a lot of self-experimentation/education, exploring the boundaries of new technologies, researching computer generated surfaces for 3D Printing.

With two friends he founded demogroup creating realtime 3D animation and was responsible for the 3D-graphics. They have taken part in demoscene-competitions in Europe and have won several awards.

Working in the visual effects industry he came across the field of computer simulated physics like fluids, deconstruction of element. His interest lies in generating complex dogital structures and making them tangible with 3D printing.

Since he is doing 3D graphics mostly for moving pictures he is restricted to the 2D-space of the screen. 3D printing was the next logical step. At the same time he also does research in combining 3D scanning with 3D printing to edit existing objects bin the computer and bringing them back to reality through 3D printing.



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